SmartCare 35/35

As of June 1st, 2017, The Diabetes Center will no longer accept new patients into the SmartCare 35/35 program.  All existing patients prior to June 1st will be able to remain in the program for up to 1 year.  At any point, existing SmartCare 35/35 patients will have the option to transfer care to Tidelands Health Diabetes Center, any other facility, or they may apply for patient assistance through the Tidelands Community Care Network.


SmartCare 35/35 is our newest program, offering both specialized diabetes care and Board Certified internal medicine services for just $35 a month and $35 a visit. It is the most affordable health care program on the Grand Strand and it’s offered exclusively by The Diabetes Center.

$35/month and $35/visit

By eliminating the middleman – the insurance companies – we are able to discount our fees up to 90%, making it possible for almost everyone to access medical services.


What is SmartCare 35/35?

SmartCare 35/35 is a program that offers medical care at deep discounts from typical rates

SmartCare 35/35 is designed specifically for

  • Patients without medical insurance
  • Those who have been denied medical insurance
  • Those who pay high monthly premiums
  • Those who have policies with deductibles over $500 per year
  • Those who simply believe that they can no longer afford medical care
The philosophy behind SmartCare 35/35 is that, in the long run, preventative care is far less costly than no care at all.  Diabetics are at a much higher risk for stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease and peripheral artery disease (PAD).  All of these complications are preventable, avoidable or curable, but people must have access to routine medical care in order to detect these problems early.  For many people, a trip to the doctor has become an impossible luxury due to the high cost.  SmartCare 35/35 returns the control of medical care to the patient.  By eliminating the source of over 50% of our overhead, we can offer routine and specialty medical care at prices that will permit virtually everyone to take advantage of them.  We are once again putting medical care within the affordable grasp of everyone.


What’s Included?

Your monthly fee gives you access to:
  • Preferred pricing of $35 for ALL office visits
  • Preferred pricing of $35 for most lab profiles
  • At least 50% off all other services
  • One glucose meter per year
  • Unlimited review of requested blood sugar logs
  • Technical support for meters and pumps


Payment Structure

Pay $35 every month by automatic transaction

Payments are made using an automated recurring charge.  Your account is established in the office by making the first monthly payment of $35 using a credit/debit card or a check.  Each month thereafter, your account will automatically be billed $35 on the date you choose.  You can cancel at anytime by providing written notice at least one week prior to the date charges are processed.

Pay $35 for most services rendered in the office

Payment must be made on the date of service for all office visits and lab services.  See the fee schedule for a list of services available at $35 each.


Fee Schedule

Office Visit / Check up $110 $35  68%
Complete Physical Exam $150 $35  77%
New Patient Visit $200 $35  83%
Labwork for acute problem up to $250 $35  86%
Labwork for complete physical up to $600 $35 + $35  88%
EKG $66 $35  47%
24-HR Urine collection $100 $35  65%
Removal of small skin lesions up to $150 $35  77%

Some specialty services such as 24 hour heart monitoring or 72 hour blood sugar monitoring are not included in the $35 pricing.  They are, however,  offered at substantial discounts of at least 50% off their regular prices to program participants

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