Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is there a monthly access fee?
  2. What do the office visit fees pay for?
  3. How do the office visits work?
  4. How do the lab groups work?
  5. Is SmartCare 35/35 insurance?
  6. Does SmartCare 35/35 include medicines or testing supplies?
  7. Will my insurance cover SmartCare 35/35?
  8. What is not included?
  9. I’m not diabetic.  Can I still sign up for SmartCare 35/35?
  10. Do I have to sign a contract?


Why is there a monthly access fee?
There are numerous expenses required to maintain an office and keep our doors open.  These include rent, utilities, malpractice and insurance premiums, equipment leases and maintenance including the computer system, medical and office supplies, transcription, accounting fees, employee health insurance, answering service, phone system, office cleaning and many others.  The access fee covers all of these expenses and allows us to offer you drastically reduced prices for your medical care.

What do the office visit fees pay for?
These fees cover staff and physician salaries, government taxes and lab costs.

How do the office visits work?
All office visits are priced at $35 including your complete physical.  You can visit once a year or you can visit 50 times a year, it doesn’t matter.  It is still only $35 a visit.  As long as you are current with your monthly fee, you maintain access to preferred pricing for medical services.

How do the Lab profiles work?
We have grouped certain commonly needed labs into profiles and priced these at $35 each.  Again, this is a preferred pricing schedule far lower than the regular fee-for-service price, which can often run into several hundred dollars per profile.  You may not require any labs in conjunction with your office, you may require one profile, or in the case of your complete physical, you might require two profiles.  The key point is that you only pay for what is necessary for that visit and it is dramatically cheaper than regular pricing.

Is SmartCare 35/35 insurance?
No. SmartCare 35/35 is a program that offers deeply discounted prices for medical services.  It is designed for people who do not have health insurance, people who have plans with high deductibles and people who have not previously been able to afford medical care.  It does not cover any services performed outside the offices of The Diabetes Center.

Does SmartCare 35/35 include medicines or testing supplies?
No.  Every diabetic is different and treatments vary widely.  There is no way to meet all the individual variations with a single program.  We will tailor your treatment options to fit your budget whenever possible.

Will my insurance cover SmartCare 35/35?
SmartCare 35/35 is designed for patients without medical insurance.  After every visit we will give you a receipt for the actual cost of the services provided.  Because we use internal codes for SmartCare, it is unlikely that your insurance company will recognize them and therefore will not be able to reimburse you or credit the charge towards your deductible.

What is not included?
SmartCare 35/35 does not include medicines or testing supplies.  Office visits, lab work  or any services performed in any facility other than The Diabetes Center are not covered.

I’m not diabetic, can I still sign up for SmartCare 35/35?
Absolutely.  Dr. Nicol is Board Certified in internal medicine and also specializes in diabetes so we can handle most of your needs right here.  Anyone who anticipates as few as 2 visits per year may benefit from SmartCare 35/35.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. As long as your monthly maintenance fee is current, you maintain your access to preferred pricing. If your financial circumstances change, you may withdraw from the program at any time.